CM - Tongji Stone Industry Research Center

CM - Tongji Stone Industry Research Center was established to build an integrated platform of industry, education and research.

Research Scope: BIM in stone industry, creative design, intelligent manufacturing, green mine and abandoned mine remediation and restoration, industrial park planning, industrail standard formulation, stone product testing, etc.  

Green Mine

Practice “Green Mountain is  Wealth ”, and jointly develop Tongji University to develop green mining standards for stone industry to promote industrial intensive development and achieve the benefits of industry and ecology.


The products of the Project General Contracting (EPC) project are contracted projects. The engineering general contractor must manage the project product process and project management process for the completion of the project. Because the project product is engineering, it has the unique process of engineering construction. . For a complete project general contracting project, the process of creating the project product goes through five stages, namely the feasibility study phase, the design phase, the procurement phase, the construction phase, and the driving phase. Each stage has its own mission, each playing its own role. which is:

1) Feasibility Study - Describe the outline goals and requirements of the project product.

2) Design - Describe the detailed and specific requirements of the project product.

3) Procurement - manufacture equipment and materials according to design requirements.

4) Construction - completion of construction and installation.

5) Driving - verify the project product.


BIM is called Building Information Modeling or Building Information Management or Building Information Manufacture. It is based on various information data of construction projects and simulates buildings through digital information simulation. The real information possessed by the object realizes the functions of engineering supervision, property management, equipment management, digital processing and engineering management through three architectural models. It has eight characteristics of information completeness, information relevance, information consistency, visualization, coordination, simulation, optimization and graphics. Project participants such as construction units, design units, construction units, and supervision units will share the unified building information model on the same platform. Conducive to project visualization and refined construction. BIM is not a software like CAD, but a management tool. It is an important tool to achieve refined and information-based management.

BIM tools must rely on a strong database to support, other industries have begun to build material databases to serve BIM systems, and the stone industry is still outside the door, we must study the properties of BIM systems as soon as possible, build a strong stone database, otherwise, we Will be replaced by data information from other industries.

Intelligent Processing

Introduce and widely apply high-end intelligent processing equipment, achieve industrial integration, and promote green and intelligent industries. Helping the structural transformation of the industry.

Industrial Application of Blockchain

Supply Chain Finance: The application blockchain solves the problem of mutual trust in the original business scenario and resists complicity. Introduce blockchain technology into each transaction link in the supply chain to achieve transaction supervision.

Large-scale collaboration: Blockchain technology makes large-scale collaboration possible. The original fragmented small-scale fragmented production will be transformed into systematic production, realizing the real-time sharing of information.

Intelligent Manufacturing: The core difficulty of intelligent manufacturing lies in the information interaction and dialogue between various manufacturing equipments. The introduction of blockchain technology can effectively integrate information interaction between devices.

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