Investment Banking

It is a professional subsidiary established by relying on the advantages of CM Stone Group. It is the first investment banking operation platform focusing on the combination of industry and finance in the field of stone materials. It aims to become the best financial service provider for domestic enterprises in the stone decoration industry, and overseas institutions enter the Chinese stone market. Strategic Partners. CM Stone Investment Banking Department introduces gold as a medium and builds a stone foundation. Through the establishment of merger and acquisition funds, industrial funds and equity investment funds to help industrial upgrading, the listed industrial chain listed companies are connected to the industry's primary and secondary markets, and the multi-level investment system is used to realize the stone industry. Combined with government resources, the integration of upstream and downstream resources in the stone industry chain, the combination of traditional industries and capital production and integration, helped CM Stone to become the world's leading stone industry giant.

Responsible for building the stone industry fund structure, completing fund fundraising; responsible for the search of investment objectives, due diligence, project evaluation and related work on the project; responsible for post-investment management, project exit and project remittance of investment projects.

Contact number: 0592-5053178

Address: 13th Floor, Century Building, No. 7 Yilan Road, Siming District, Xiamen (361000)

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